Privacy Policy - Terms and Conditions

Womens Pride

Borinsura LLC is elated to host the "Women's Pride" dance event in the heart of New York City. As we anticipate an event filled with energy, dance, and unity, we kindly request that all attendees take a moment to familiarize themselves with the subsequent comprehensive terms, conditions, and policies:

Refund Policy:
Ticket Integrity: All ticket sales for the “Women’s Pride” event are definitive. We deeply understand any inconveniences this might pose, but we cannot process refunds for any reason.
Unexpected Circumstances: In the unlikely event of cancellation due to unforeseen circumstances beyond our control, all attendees will be promptly informed and alternative arrangements will be discussed.

Name Transfers:
Transfer Window: We recognize the dynamic nature of individual schedules. Attendees can therefore transfer their full passes to another individual. It’s vital that all name transfer requests be made at least one month before the event.
Procedure: To request a name transfer, please contact our customer service team with the details of the original ticket holder and the transferee.

Photo and Video Policy:
Media Capture: Throughout the event, our dedicated team will be capturing moments through photographs and video recordings for archival and promotional purposes.
Rights: By gracing this event, attendees inherently grant Borinsura LLC the permission to utilize their image and likeness in our subsequent communications and promotions.

Code of Conduct:
Expectations: We envision a harmonious environment. All attendees are implored to interact respectfully and positively.
Measures: Any behavior that compromises the safety or enjoyment of others may be addressed by our security team, potentially leading to removal without a refund.

Personal Belongings:
Security Measures: We have measures in place to ensure a secure environment. However, the responsibility for personal items rests with attendees.
Recommendation: Attendees are highly advised to monitor their belongings and utilize any designated storage areas.

Entry Protocol: To streamline entry, please have your valid ticket or pass ready for swift verification upon arrival.
Age Restrictions: Attendees must be above 18 years of age. Please carry a valid ID for verification.

Dress Code:
Theme Alignment: While we embrace individuality, we encourage attendees to dress in sync with the ethos of our event.
Discretion: The event organizers reserve the right to make final judgments on appropriateness of attire, which may result in entry denial if deemed necessary.

We sincerely appreciate your understanding, cooperation, and enthusiasm. The “Women’s Pride” dance event aims to be an unparalleled experience in New York City, and your adherence to these guidelines ensures a harmonious celebration for all. Looking forward to seeing you there!